Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) is a worldwide Jewish fraternity based mostly in the United States and Canada, with additional Chapters in Australia, Israel, France, UK and Austria. It was founded at New York University in 1913 and is now the largest fraternity in the world. AEPi boasts over 90,000 members worldwide. Members range from rabbis to entrepreneurs, through to greater alumni like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Goldman, Wolf Blitzer and the late Gene Wilder.  Seen as a ‘new age’ fraternity AEPi has harsh and regulated attitudes towards binge-drinking, hazing, sexual assault and other pop-culture tropes of traditional fraternities. AEPi is committed to Jewish ideals such as charity. Its members independently raised half a million USD in 2015 for major communal charities.  

AEPi launched in Sydney in 2016 with several Shalom College residents as founding members. In February 2017, the Shalom College Master House was designated as the fraternity’s base and is run by AEPi Shalom college resident members. All residents of the House are college residents and are active members of the College community. The House operates a kosher kitchen and AEPi residents are on a self-catering plan except formal dinners. The House welcomes College Residents, AEPi members and other members of the Jewish community to events and programs in the house.  

As a fraternity, AEPi is open for membership to undergraduate males that commit to AEPi values. Females are welcome and encouraged to attend events and Chapter Houses, and play a vital role within the organization. AEPi members come from diverse range of backgrounds, ethnicities and sexual orientations, and maintains a close relationship with several sister sororities.

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