Shalom Gamarada Scholarship Program Selection Criteria

The selection committee is required to consider many different criteria when choosing applicants to interview and scholarships to award.  These include:

  1. financial need;

  2. the course/degree the applicant is studying or planning to study;

  3. the academic performance of the applicant to date;

  4. likelihood of the applicant endorsing the academic ethos of the college;

  5. the extent to which the applicant has been involved in his/her Indigenous communities;

  6. demonstration of his/her individual initiative or special talents;

  7. the leadership, cultural, community service and sporting activities that the applicant has been involved in and his/her achievements;

  8. demonstration of perseverance or persistence in challenging circumstances;

  9. sociability and likely ability to live as a positive and contributing member of the Shalom College community;

  10. the quality of the candidate’s completed application form, the required essay, the referees’ and school reports and other relevant recommendations and documentation; etc.


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