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I have loved the five years I have spent at Shalom - the experience has been fantastic! Coming from the country I was nervous about moving to Sydney. Shalom made the transition so easy and I soon made great friends in college!

Why Choose Shalom

There’s more than just one reason why Shalom College has a reputation for being one of the best colleges in Australia. Whether it is accommodation, facilities, academic excellence or just simply the friendly community itself, Shalom College has proven time and again, why it is the preferred choice for college living.

We are unique

1. With 130 residents, we are an ideal size; small enough to be personal but large enough not to be intrusive

2. Shalom College is non-denominational and committed to celebrating cultural diversity

3. We have a broad range of Australian and International students

4. We are ideally located with the best position on campus – just opposite the Village Green Oval and away from the busy and noisy arterial streets

5. We are committed to providing healthy and nourishing meals and encouraging a balanced and healthy lifestyle

6. Our college has easy access to public transport and Sydney’s main attractions

We value academic success

7. We have a well-earned reputation on campus as an academic college

8. We support the academic mission of UNSW and strive to ensure the academic success of our residents

9. Our students consistently perform well at university and many have won major academic awards. We have university medal recipients - which is the most prestigious university award for academic achievement

10. Our six Tutors-in-Residence are specifically appointed to help you with your studies

11. We have a ratio of one academic Tutor-in-Residence to 20 students 

We are a friendly college which embraces the true collegial spirit

12. We are well-known for our friendly community of residents and caring, supportive culture

13. College life provides opportunities for making friends quickly that off-campus living does not

14. Our residents develop a superb network of life-long friends and professional contacts

15. We offer many extra-curricular activities to foster a sense of community and to engage our residents’ many interests

16. There are no initiation ceremonies for ‘freshers’. All residents are equally valued and respected

17. We are committed to social justice and have a nationally respected scholarship program for disadvantaged Indigenous students

We have great rooms and facilities

18. We have well-maintained rooms and facilities and are responsive to our residents' needs 

19. Each student has his/ her own private room

20. All rooms are spacious and bright with central heating. Most rooms have balconies

21. We have 44 rooms with a private ensuite bathrooms and ceiling fans

22. We have 80 rooms with shared bathrooms facilities, but each room still has its own basin with hot and cold running water

23. We have two fully equipped one-bedroom apartments with a lounge and dining area, kitchen, bathroom, laundry and outdoor courtyard. These are generally occupied by senior residents but can also accommodate couples 

24. We have six Tutors rooms, which are double rooms with ensuites

25. We have common rooms, study areas, TV rooms, games areas, kitchenettes, laundries and outdoor courtyards

We take security seriously

26. We are committed to providing an environment in which our residents feel physically and emotionally safe. We have CCTV throughout the College

27. Our college is a security building and entry doors can only be accessed by electronic keys

28. The two entrances to the building are monitored by CCTV and the surrounds of the building are equipped with security lighting 

We understand your technological needs 

29. Shalom College offers excellent IT facilities with a direct ethernet connection in each resident’s room and wall to wall wireless connectivity to the internet throughout college

30. Each room has a telephone and we offer free local and STD calls

31. We have a networked computer laboratory with PCs

32. We have Cable TV / FOXTEL 

33. All ensuite/Barker wing rooms have TV aerial connections

We offer great value

34. Our fees are inclusive of meals and weekly cleaning

35. Living at Shalom is cheaper than, or equivalent to living off-campus. And, it’s better than living off-campus because our residents do not have to shop, cook or clean or commute to and from campus  

At Shalom College, our residents appreciate our commitment to providing the highest standards in everything we do. We know this because they tell us (see our video testimonials for the proof). And we will continue to do our best to make your experiences with us unique, enjoyable and memorable. 

To read more about what it’s like to live at Shalom College, click here.



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