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I have loved the five years I have spent at Shalom - the experience has been fantastic! Coming from the country I was nervous about moving to Sydney. Shalom made the transition so easy and I soon made great friends in college!

About Us

Our Mission

Shalom College’s mission is to:

  • provide a supportive and enriching college experience which promotes learning and helps to ensure the academic success of our students;
  • offer a quality living environment - ‘a home-away-from-home’ - for our residents which fosters the formation of lifelong friendships and professional networks;
  • ensure that our residents feel physically and emotionally safe in college;
  • provide healthy and nourishing meals and encourage a healthy lifestyle;
  • facilitate the all-round growth and development of our students;
  • develop a community of learners and leaders with a strong work ethic who will in turn influence the UNSW community and beyond;
  • maintain a commitment to core values of integrity, citizenship, respect, civility, lifelong learning and celebrating diversity.

Our Story

Shalom College has earned its high reputation as being one of the more academic, culturally diverse, supportive university residential colleges.  Its popularity is influenced by its outstanding facilities, excellent on-campus location and commitment to providing healthy quality meals.

It was founded by members of the Jewish community in 1973 to be an independent, inclusive college, housing 86 residents. In 2002, a new wing was added, containing a conference/learning centre, additional ensuite rooms and 2 apartments, bringing the total occupancy to 130 students, including 6 tutors-in-residence.

Unlike most other private colleges, it is not a religious institution.  It is fully non-denominational - where the individuality and uniqueness of students are celebrated.  We welcome applications from all students irrespective of race, religion, class, national or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability.

Unlike some commercial university accommodation providers, Shalom College is a not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to serving its students rather than its share-holders.

Shalom College strives to be what Professor Don Markwell described as

a residential academic community, in which the education of students is enriched through the integration of their living and learning in a community – a community, with a strong sense of belonging – in which students of diverse backgrounds and academic disciplines come together; receive academic tuition and support; receive mentoring and advice from those well placed to help them on their journey; receive pastoral care; take part together in enriching extra-curricular and social activities; and develop life-long friendships.

A Renaissance in Collegiate Education? – a speech delivered at the 2008 NAAUC (National Association of Australian University Colleges) Conference UWA, Friday 4 July 2008.

Read a special message from the Shalom College Master.

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