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I have loved the five years I have spent at Shalom - the experience has been fantastic! Coming from the country I was nervous about moving to Sydney. Shalom made the transition so easy and I soon made great friends in college!


Message from the College CEO

Shalom College is an outstanding university residential college that is committed to quality and excellence in all its endeavours. Our ethos and size contribute to the friendly community atmosphere and collegial spirit that pervades College life.

We value learning and academic excellence, and provide residents with an environment and activities that will promote their academic success and all-round development - intellectual, cultural, inter-personal, physical/sporting and leadership.

To achieve this, we provide a safe and healthy living environment – one that includes physical and emotional safety and a nourishing and healthy diet – because we believe that this is essential for students to optimise their ability to learn, develop and grow. Our tutors and office team provide academic and well-being support. Our Residents society (RESSOC) provides great social, sport and leadership opportunities. We support responsible drinking but don’t believe alcohol consumption is a pre-requisite to having fun.

The College celebrates diversity and multiculturalism and is a wonderful environment to experience and build global citizenship. It was established by the Jewish community in Sydney in 1973. It is a non-denominational college and accommodates males and females irrespective of religious affiliation. Residents come from diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds.

Past residents tell us that living at Shalom was one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable periods of their life. Those that get the most of out of their experience, participate actively and develop a network of friends and future professional contacts from many different backgrounds. Living at Shalom allows residents to experience university in a way that no day student can.

Tamara Samuel
Chief Executive Officer


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