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Shalom offers so much! Opportunities to play sport; social and cultural activities to choose from; and really great academic support from tutors! The low ratio of residents to tutors is something you just don’t get everywhere. The residents’ society, RESSOC, is really active and they try to cater for everyone.


Listed below are a series of frequently asked questions. Of course, we don’t expect all of your questions to be answered on our website, so if you have any further enquiries, please contact us at

Do I have to be a UNSW student to reside at Shalom College?

Yes, all residents are full or part-time, undergraduate or post-graduate students of UNSW and its associated institutions such as COFA and NIDA. Some of our residents are also exchange or study abroad students.

How long can I stay for?

Students are welcome to reside at Shalom College for the duration of their studies. Residents are always more than welcome to return to visit College even if they are no longer residents.

Are there tutors at Shalom College?

There are six Tutors-in-Residence at Shalom College who offer academic as well as personal counselling and support where necessary. They also perform administrative duties and organise extra-curricular activities for residents. 

How close is Shalom College to UNSW?

Shalom College is well-located on the UNSW campus and situated adjacent to the Village Green Oval and a number of faculties. See where we are located here.

How safe is living on campus?

Shalom College has its own CCTV system. It is also serviced by campus security. UNSW provides security posts and security lighting around the campus.

Each resident has a individual keycard that allows access to the College and his/her room only.  Ground floor rooms all have security bars on their windows.

Is religion a criterion for entry to Shalom College?

No, the population of Shalom College reflects that of UNSW and represents a diverse range of religions and many who do not have a religion. Shalom College is a non-denominational college and is committed to cultural diversity. 

Is there a social committee at Shalom College?

Yes, both the elected resident society (RESSOC) and tutors are very active at Shalom College. There is a full O-week program and many activities are organised throughout the year. Shalom College also takes part in inter-college sporting events.

Does Shalom College provide food?

Yes, Shalom College provides an all-inclusive living environment with healthy and tasty meals.  We have a leading international catering company with our own chefs who operate from our state-of-the-art kitchen.  All meals are served in our dining room. You can read more about our food here.

Is there Internet and phone access at Shalom College?

Shalom College offers quality IT facilities with a direct connection from each residents’ room.  There is also a wireless network which allows residents to connect to the internet from most areas of the College.  Residents are responsible for providing their own computer, either desktop or notebook, for use in their rooms. Each resident room has its own phone with its own phone number. Calls between rooms are free as are local and STD calls.

How do I apply?

Complete the online application and submit to Shalom College with the additional required documentation.

When do applications need to be submitted?

Applications can be submitted at any time. Interviews are conducted at the college or alternatively, for those students who are unable to travel to Sydney, by skype or telephone.

How will I know if I have a place?

All students who successfully complete the application stage are considered for a personal or telephone interview. Only applicants who are successful in being granted an interview will be notified.  Applicants will be told after the interview if they are successful.

How much will it cost to stay at Shalom College?

See our rates section for full details. There are some additional charges, which are paid once a semester, for example RESSOC membership.

Are university vacation days included in my fees?

April and September vacation periods are included in your fees. 

July and December–January vacation periods are not included in your fees.  If you choose to reside at Shalom College during part or all of the winter and summer vacations, you will be charged the student rate. Click here to view our rates.


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