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Shalom offers so much! Opportunities to play sport; social and cultural activities to choose from; and really great academic support from tutors! The low ratio of residents to tutors is something you just don’t get everywhere. The residents’ society, RESSOC, is really active and they try to cater for everyone.

Resident Society (RESSOC)

Shalom College’s resident society, RESSOC, is a group of dedicated residents elected annually on behalf of the student body to promote the interests of residents and to co-ordinate activities and events. 

Founded by resolution of the students in residence in 1973, RESSOC aims to make residents’ time at Shalom College a memorable experience and encourages the opportunity to make lifelong friends.

It is comprised of an executive (President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary), sports director, social director and other representatives.

At the beginning of each year, RESSOC’s O-Week committee organises a program of events both for new and returning residents to help integrate them into the college.

Throughout the year RESSOC co-ordinates teams to compete for an inter-college sporting shield in sports such as soccer, tennis, rugby, basketball, hockey, volleyball, tennis and netball. In addition, RESSOC is also responsible for organising events such as college parties, balls, games nights and excursions.

Within Shalom College, RESSOC maintains the common room for all residents, which includes a foosball and a table tennis table. The common room is also used to host movie nights and other social events.

2017 RESSOC Executive



Terrence Sant


Stacey Lotkin


Julieanne Jiang

Sports Directors

Hudson Leone

Nanthitha Gunaseelan

Social Directors

Zak Targett

Lauren Niesen


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