Newcastle, Commerce

Shalom offers so much! Opportunities to play sport; social and cultural activities to choose from; and really great academic support from tutors! The low ratio of residents to tutors is something you just don’t get everywhere. The residents’ society, RESSOC, is really active and they try to cater for everyone.


Find out what our residents really think about Shalom College and why it’s the best place for you. 

Testimonials from Previous and Current Students
(including Study Abroad & Student Exchange)

Tali Swersky, 2013, Engineering/Commerce

Shalom college made my time in Sydney incredible! As a Jewish interstate student, Shalom College offered me everything I could’ve wished for in a home away from home. A wonderful environment, great location, and unforgettable friends. Living at Shalom College was a superb experience, it gave me independence which comes with living away from home, but it also provided a wonderful support network, which is in accordance with the close knit community that is Shalom College.

Mid-semester can get tedious with constant ongoing study, but this was not the case during my time spent at Shalom. The Residents’ Society kept things interesting with novel events, such as Blue Man Group and the Shalom College Ball, and Tuesday night snack night was always eagerly awaited. Tutor events such as the monthly birthday celebration for all those who have a birthday in the month, made each individual feel celebrated and part of something special, the selection of cakes were very tasty too!

It is very unique to have such cultural variety all under one roof, which adds to the special quality of Shalom College. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to make such great friends from around the world and for that I’d like to thank Shalom College for such a wonderful year!

Chris Lim, Singapore, 2013, Medicine 6th Year

Shalom College celebrates diversity and comprises of residents from a myriad of backgrounds. During my time here, I have had the opportunity to interact with local, interstate and also international students, many of whom I consider close friends. I also enjoyed the academic environment that was fostered and the celebration of academic achievements. Furthermore, Shalom College also has a very active Residents' Society that consists of executive members elected from the resident body. RESSOC organises a wide variety of activities to appeal to the resident body, and foster a sense of community.

As a tutor 2011-2013, I can say that our team worked tirelessly to provide residents with a supportive environment across various aspects of college and university life. Academic support offered by our tutor team includes tutorials, individual academic consultations, assignment proof-reading, mock examinations, and other relevant sessions such as CV writing and Career information sessions. Other aspects that tutors and senior residents have sought to address include peer-mentoring and providing degree-related advice, amongst others; also contributed to the sense of community and belonging.

My time at Shalom College has been an amazing experience. I am thankful for the wonderful friends that I have made across the globe over the last few years. Living together at Shalom College has forged a common bond and I look forward to reliving memories with my friends in the years to come.

Joshua Sztajer , 2013, Bachelor of Arts/Education  

In short, my year at Shalom College was AMAZING! It was a year full of making new friends and building long-lasting relationships and being part of a really amazing environment. From the first week where all the ‘freshers’ at Shalom got to know each other to the end of year where I would find myself studying and working together with others who were doing the same subjects as me I always had someone to turn to and hang out with. The awesome social events put together by RESSOC (residential student society) were complemented by the fact that whenever I got a little bored there were always plenty of people to talk to or have a cup of tea with. Living at Shalom is an experience I will definitely not forget and would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to live on or near campus and live that university social life with other young adults!

Hannah Sedgwick, 2013, American University, Communications & Education

I can confidently say that my time studying abroad at UNSW would not have been the same without Shalom College. Before I came, I really didn't know what to expect. But once the semester started I knew I made the right decision. I made friends from all over the world, went to as many Shalom events as possible and lived like an honorary Australian, even if it was only for a few months. It was nice to know that there were people around to talk with and ask for help if I needed it. I enjoyed all the events offered at Shalom, especially inter college sport, a trip to the Opera House to see Romeo & Juliet, harbour cruise, cocktail parties, movie nights or simply hanging out in the common room. My adventures were not just at Shalom but also all over Australia. I made it a point to visit as much of Sydney as I could, and travelled to Canberra, Cairns, Melbourne, Brisbane, New Zealand and Fiji. I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity I had to stay at Shalom and it is one I will never forget.

Naama Boxer, 2013, Israel, Architecture

I came as an exchange student from Israel, to study at UNSW. I soon realized that Shalom College is not just a place to stay but a big family. My best friends from Australia are the people I see every day, not just in the dining hall but everywhere I go. I can always find someone to chat with or go for a run, travel around Australia or explore Sydney… and whenever there is a holiday, I now I have amazing people to celebrate and enjoy it as if I was home.

Shalom was my safety net whenever I needed help or just someone to talk with, from my fellow student, Australian and international, to the warm loving staff and Director.

Merav Stein, 2013,  Barnard College - Columbia University

My experience studying abroad in Australia, studying at UNSW, and living at Shalom College could not have been more perfect. I have always dreamed of travelling to Australia, where I knew I could find stunning landscapes, unique and interesting animals, and the adventure of a lifetime. UNSW made sure that I stayed on track in regards to my studies and challenged me in my intriguing courses. My choice to apply to UNSW and to study abroad in Australia in general was strongly influenced by discovering Shalom College. As a religious and observant Jew, Shalom offered a supporting environment for me to feel comfortable, and also gave me the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world with extremely different backgrounds. Being a part of a multicultural college, I had the chance to expand my horizons and learn about many different cultures and religions. Making lifelong friends was proven to be effortless as I have found that only the most open-minded, dedicated, energetic, and insightful students live at Shalom. I honestly believe that Shalom College and UNSW have made my experience studying abroad in Australia truly spectacular to the fullest extent, and I strongly urge anyone who is contemplating studying abroad to consider applying. You will, without a doubt, find yourself falling in love with Australia and all that it has to offer just as I have.

Paul, UK, 2009, Bachelor of Commerce

Thank you for a great year!! I had an amazing time at Shalom and was always made to feel really accepted in the Shalom family. There seemed to be a real feeling of community that I’ve never experienced before and I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this style of communal living. There was always someone around to talk to, have fun with, and to lend a helping hand. Being able to get involved in the Residents Society and O-Week planning gave me a real sense of belonging. I can honestly say I can’t imagine my year in Sydney without living in Shalom College, from which I take away many happy memories and some great friends who I am sure I will remain friends for life. It is a great institution, with fantastic staff, and amazing residents. I would recommend it to anyone planning to study at UNSW!!

Gautam, India, 2009, MBA

My one and half years at Shalom were truly memorable. The college gave me the opportunity, not only to complete my degree successfully, but also to learn from the enormously talented residents from around Australia and different parts of the globe. The facilities offered at the college are unmatched by any other residential college on campus or facility in the vicinity. As a resident I was part of the Shalom family. Shalom creates a unique cultural mix which helps achieve a perfect balance between study and social activities. Shalom contributed significantly not only to my personal and professional growth, but it has also given me a global network of friends.

Katie, UK, 2008, Bachelor of Arts

The prospect of studying abroad for a semester is certainly a daunting one. I travelled alone and knew no one when I first arrived, so living in college gave me the opportunity to meet dozens of new people within just a few days. Everyone at Shalom was very friendly and welcoming. I also found it easier making friends with local students which doesn’t happen much for other overseas students who live off campus. My experience at Shalom College was great, mainly due to the friendly atmosphere and people; college events and social gatherings; as well as the living arrangements; nice-sized private bedrooms and quality food. I would definitely recommend Shalom College as it makes settling in to a new country a breeze. I had a ball!

Jenny, Canada, 2007, Bachelor of Commerce

Shalom College was an integral part of why I had such an amazing experience at UNSW.  From the start, I felt welcomed by the tutors, staff, and other residents.  The activities put on by the Resident Society were entertaining and helped me to get to know other students better.  I also enjoyed participating in inter-college sports; even though I am definitely not the best basketball or soccer player, being a part of the Shalom team rewarded me with memories, friends, and made me feel a part of the college.  I recommend that anyone studying abroad who is interested in gaining meaningful friendships with Australians and other International students should stay at Shalom College.  The staff are extremely welcoming, warm, and capable, and I always felt at home at Shalom.

Lauren S, US, 2007, Bachelor of Science

The comfort and the homely feeling that I came to love about Shalom College made my semester abroad the best  semester of my college experience. I miss walking along the campus and seeing the Village Green Oval and the path that led to the front door of Shalom College. It was more than a college to me, it was my home.  Not only were the facilities absolutely outstanding, Shalom also fostered the environment that I was looking for.  I met really great people and even had the opportunity to travel to and stay in the homes of fellow Aussie residents from rural Australia. 

The staff are so accommodating and went to great lengths to help me with everything. Many of the people that were in my ‘Study Abroad’ group say that they wish they had stayed in a  college like Shalom to meet more of the “locals.” Coming to it was the best decision that I have ever made. 


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