Qi Hui

Singapore, Commerce

I love my room in College! I have a balcony, a great view of the oval and it’s light and airy. This really has become my home away from home!

2017 Rates

Weekly rates (including accommodation, rent, food, an internet package (25GB), electricity, water and tutoring services) are:


Room Type     Full Board    
Oval Wing Rooms *                  $459    
Barker Wing Rooms **    $529    
Full board rate for single    poa


For 2017 resident contracts will run for 40 weeks, starting from the 19 Feb 2017.

Students on Exchange, Study Abroad, graduating mid-year or with some other exceptional circumstances, may apply for a one semester contract which runs for approx 19 weeks.

There are some additional charges, which are paid once per semester, for example, RESSOC membership.

For casual rates click here.

* rooms with shared bathrooms                             


** rooms with private bathrooms






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