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Who We Are

Shalom College has been known for its personal, academic and inclusive community since it was established in 1973. We attract residents of all denominations who want to succeed in academic studies while meeting friends through social, sporting and cultural activities.

Shalom College is run by Shalom, a not-for-profit organization committed to community building. As well as running Shalom College, Shalom powers vibrant Jewish life in the Sydney community. Click here to find out more about these programs.

What We Do

With only 133 students and a caring office team, Shalom residents enjoy a supportive cohort and ‘home away from home’ while living on UNSW’s Kensington campus. As well as our office staff, six resident advisors and four residential academic tutors means you can find support without leaving the college.

We attract students who want to succeed in their studies. Our students consistently perform well at university and many have won academic awards. Our collegiate culture means that everyone helps each other to achieve their best. We have students across all faculties and stages of study, and you’re bound to find a friend to study with in one of our many study rooms.

We celebrate diversity and welcome residents from multicultural backgrounds, faiths and affiliations. Our values of community, learning and giving are inspired by the Jewish founders of the college. We celebrate Jewish traditions as well as a range of other cultural festivals and holidays that are important to our diverse residents. With students from around the world and across Australia, including many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, you will make life-long friends with people you may never have met otherwise.

Meet the Team

Office Members


Shelley Sacks

Director of Operations

Shelley has worked at Shalom for 18 years. She is an experienced chartered accountant. Shelley enjoys reading, walking and spending time with her two dogs.


Michelle Kubie

Shalom College Director

Michelle has been part of the Shalom College team for 10 years. She taught science for several years before working as an Education Officer at a wildlife park and then at the NSW Red Cross Blood Service.


Emma Parker

Resident Director

Emma joined Shalom in 2018 and has worked in youth leadership, wellbeing, and education. She has lived at several other colleges and countries in leadership roles. Emma thrives in diverse and multicultural environments like Shalom.


Shana Kantor

Office Manager

Shana has been at Shalom for four years. Shana is an experienced educator and was the Director of a Preschool for many years. Shana enjoys running, reading and going to the beach.


Nadia Wolf

Technology Manager

Nadia has been part of the Shalom College team for 15 years. She is an IT specialist and previously served as the IT Manager for a large advertising agency.


Peter Thlivitis

Facilities Manager

Peter manages the maintenance and cleaning staff of the college. Peter keeps our facilities running well and ensures everything is well-maintained. Peter's previous experience was in the hotel industry.


Christene Faragher

Chef Manager

Chrissie is originally from New Zealand. She is a talented artist and has considerable skills as a chef in residential catering. Chrissie is assisted by Teh Fa our dinner chef.

Residential Advisors

Our Resident Advisors support community life and the wellbeing of our residents. They provide informal counselling, mentoring and referrals and host resident gatherings that build community around residents’ interests.



  • Grew up in Coffs Harbour, Australia
  • In 6th year of a Chemical Engineering/ Chemistry degree.



  • From Sydney, Australia
  • 3rd year Media Arts/ Computer Science



  • From Dunbogan, Australia
  • In 4th year Software Engineering/Linguistics



  • From Armidale, Australia
  • Final year of Advanced Mathematics and Actuarial Studies



  • From Tehran, Iran
  • Studying Law/Software Engineering



  • From Beechwood, NSW, Australia
  • 3rd year Arts majoring in Development and Environmental Humanities

Academic Tutors

Our five residential academic tutors have strong academic records, experience at tutoring and are senior college residents.



  • 3rd Year Maths/Engineering and Arts
  • Originally from Bowral, Erin is available to help with maths, computer science, physics, engineering and music subjects, as well as time management strategies.



  • Computer science/Neuroscience, currently doing Neuroscience Honours
  • Grew up in Alice Springs, able to help with programming, maths or science courses, including psychology biology, anatomy, physiology and statistics.

Photo – Jorge Hormovas (2)


  • 3rd year Medicine
  • From Western Sydney, will be running tutorials for 1st and 2nd year Medicine students.



  • 3rd year Law/International Studies/Spanish
  • Milli is from Perth, Western Australia, she can help with arts/law subjects as well as essay writing, public speaking/oral presentations, time management, resume writing



  • 4th year Advvanced Science degree, majoring in Molecular Biology
  • From the Blue Mountains, Kelley can help with cell biology, biochemistry, genetics or anything BABS and BIOC related, also study skills and essay writing.